Happy to talk you through how we might work together…

Dorothy Larios

Dorothy Larios

Personal and Executive Coach

Thanks for spending time here and I hope you find some thing that will serve you well, no matter what challenges you are facing.  Join me, not because what I offer is neccesarily the best but rather I have lived my life and can offer a depth and genuine experience to my work.

“Life is a journey where all is in constant flux and only by taking  personal control and making some of your own choices, you can guide the directions that you take along the path of life”

Stepping from parent to manager, from living room to board room, from car to train to plane, we face the complexities of each day with logic, reasoning, and all the wonderful abilities that we have been given. At times however, the families we are part of or systems we belong to……… just get too demanding. So you live with the external demands and the inner conflicts of each interaction with little space and time to notice and take stock.

Layer upon layer of anquish or suffering, year upon year of stress or the endless need to measure up!

If you are interested in simplifying your lifestyle through coaching, mindfulness or a combination of both please call me. I welcome enquiries from local groups, businesses and individuals and offer a free consultation to help you clarify what is most suitable.

What can you expect from our time together?

Consider the words below..

1. Responsibility

Ultimately this is your life and as an adult, your responsibility.

Only you can change something in your life.

2. Choice

Choice is the one thing that we do have.

If we consider all the options, there is usually a choice that you can make.

3. Change

Change is the only constant. Everything, on every level is in flux and even when we think we are stuck and nothing is moving, actually there are subtle shifts that we may not be aware of.