Staying Sane in a Crazy World

I have often read the tips written by great philosophers and thinkers of the past. We can still learn much from the wisdom of those who have gone before. However do we ever really stop to change the way that we do things. This is a seriously crazy world that we live in controlled by others— who ever “they” may be.

The politicians seem to be powerless as others run the show. Our religious leaders try to lead by example and our trusted establishment is perhaps not so trusted in this century as it was last century. We are controlled by the media, influenced by celebrities who may or may not do great things and always silently reminded that there are always those with more money, success and prestige.

So is there someone that you admire for their wisdom? Who would you be eager to follow as a role model?

I refer not to those in the media but to those you encounter or have encountered in the course of your daily life.

Who would you most like to aspire to; what values do they hold?

How can you change yourself to be the best that you can be in this crazy world for unless you start with yourself and those whom you love, little else will change.

Read this great book;”Staying Sane in a Changing World” by Margot Cairnes

Working from Home – The Real Challenges


So what have you told us in all the recent studies on home based working?

  • Distracted by personal aspects/not work focused
  • Can be hard to motivate yourself
  • Sometimes end up working 18-hour days
  • Days are not filled in the way they could be
  • Can be lonely- No-one with whom to bounce around ideas,regularly and that camaraderie is missing
  • Have to wear ‘every hat’ – hard to keep up to- date
  • Can get very cut off/little business contact
  • The IT trap of having problems with broadband and a business to run
I can understand that all these create a huge amount of worry and often these smaller concerns completely undermine the bigger plan. Spending time working longer hours does not ease the angst, rushing back to the office when you have been out networking only to see the accounts sitting on the desk. This reminds you of how much the networking event actually cost you and then of course you ran into someone that is doing the very same as you. The “COMPETITION” —— they always seem to be bigger, better and more successful!
The real risks however are that you are not bringing in the revenue that you need to cover the basics. Perhaps you actually managed to get a loan and now the bank is breathing down you neck.
So what are the answers?
Do your research really carefully before you open up shop.
Contact local Business Support Services
Network with people who are willing to help you as so many groups are full of “egos” and drain your energy
Have a really rigorous business plan and financial adviser whom you trust
Make sure you have a support team that can ride the waves with you
Join a local Business Support Group like a monthly, professional learning set where you can have companionship, share the challenges and find the answers.
Learn to love working from home!