Giving and Receiving

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December 2012   “Giving and Receiving”

“Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.”
–William Arthur Ward

The joy of giving is found in a special place in your heart. We are wired with neurons not just in our brain but in other vital organs including the heart.  Sometimes we draw up our Christmas List and then add what that person has asked for and that is it- a no brainer. We have neither reflected nor given from a real place of love. Let’s look at head and heart decisions and how to freely gift to others. You can choose to spend massively or give gifts that cost nothing. What are the messages that you really want to share with the person?  Love, support, giggles or soul food? How do you feel when you receive something, straight from the heart? Logical, practical gifts are often brain decisions. They may keep your hands warm but do they hold a special meaning?

Now that we are in midst of the Festive Season it would be beneficial for us all to reflect on the art of soulful giving. A gift is a transfer of energy from one person to another so think about the one word or energy that you choose for the person.

Typically the giver chooses an object, wraps, ties a ribbon around it, writes a card, and presents it. Then the receiver reads the card, undoes the wrapping, reacts to the gift, and takes that subtle energy in. These vibes continue to permeate if the gift is used or displayed. Ideally this ritual is an extension of the heart, a sign of respect, appreciation. At worst, though, it’s a ploy to manipulate, bribe, re-cycle gifts, show off, or is part of a give-to-get cycle.  If you truly give from the heart this carries a very special message that will be transferred to the receiver.

Write the list of people you truly wish to give to.

Beside their name, consider the message that you want to convey in the gift.

Write it in words and think of what gift would really convey this message?

Name My wish Idea Gift Given
Friend Julie  My thanks for her friendship this year? The painting created in the art class you both attended. A framed picture I created just for Julie
Mum My love and thanks for her help and wisdom The wise old owl that I saw in the charity shop The wind chime made from owls so she can think of my thanks for her wisdom when it chimes
Michael ( husband) Love through laughter  A day at  Thorpe Park (for a video shoot) A secret candid camera shoot at Thorpe Park
Grandad Memories to hold on to A special invitation to play scrabble, bridge or chess every month of next year  The invitation with a new diary with space for our dates!
Sister Show appreciation for our trips together when I was on chemo A photo collage of everywhere we went together showing lovely times, frustrating times and moments of being lost. A lovely photo book of pictures, silly facts and missed train tickets, with little quotes of gratitude. She cried through her laughter!

As you write the list it becomes clear those who seem to have everything they need or want already. These are  often, Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles in the more senior group. They are so hard to buy for and you are about to discover just how easy it is to find free gifts to give to those special people for Christmas. So give freely of your time instead of money.

Now wrap it up and give it with pride. The package might be small but the ingredients are huge, big, giant sized and…. priceless.