Coaching Case Study


Jo was feeling exhausted and unwilling to cope with any more chaos in her life. She had woken one morning with backache and taken the day off work to see if she could soak away the pain. Sadly for her she ended up curled up in a ball on the lounge floor as the pain began to grip her and fiercely reminded her of the pain she had suffered in childbirth.

Now nearing 60 she felt that she was working each day towards her retirement noticing that the fun and joy she once felt in teaching had left her. She came to be coached after discovering that she had cancer detected from the excruciating back pain that had stopped her in her tracks.

” No matter whether I survive or not I must put my life in order but also I need to experience fun and joy in everyday that I have.”

You may say that the immediacy of her possible death brought an urgency to clear her mind so that she could value the things she used to treasure so passionately.  Life had worn away the fire in her heart and what  had fed her soul for many years, had dissipated with the fog in her mind.

We stepped back in time to memories of sunsets, cosy jerseys and colour. Colour is what fuelled the fire but the chaos of living had muted it all. Her life, her house, her wardrobe and her paintings were still full of colour but there was so much clutter and disorganisation.

She felt there was no space in her life, no space, no air and no one to appreciate her history with.  Her memorabilia, her art, her photographs of her married years, her children’s’ childhoods became chaos and clutter that she had thought she could not share. There was no one that she felt would want to see her lifetime’s journey.  Her valleys and mountain tops became the metaphor that was used as coaching accompanied Jo on her journey.

We explored the people who had accompanied her. Those that she had left at a crossroads and those who had chosen to leave. The people who had laughed at her first attempt at art and those who shared the craziness of summer holidays in the rain on Scarborough beach.

Tracking her memories brought people back to life! We talked of those who had supported her before when the valleys were deep. We talked of the colourful characters that had left their marks and brought tears and laughter to her life. She sat on the  mountaintops and remembered those who has celebrated the passion and joyful moments.

The clutter began to take some meaning once again.

The next few sessions will follow.