Letting Go through Trusting

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In my previous blog I spoke of much that is personal to my self but also shared by very many others.

Trusting, like every other thing  should begin at home. Why do we automatically look outside and examine the people and the services in a purely practical, functional way. Are we remiss in settling for something that actually we don’t trust! In fact we often pretend that it will be fine. Letting go of our control as a carer, parent or partner has to be based on trust but let’s look at self trust, a little more deeply.

I watched another TV programme last night about Home Carers and the mistrust that has arisen about the terrible service often provided to the sick and elderly in their homes. I watched with such sadness to yet another programme that depicts the over-loaded systems, waste of the tax payers money and the total unacceptable levels of care in some pockets of our communities. I am greatly concerned at the greed and lack of genuine concern.

I empathise with the family and friends who have to put their trust in others to look after the needs of the people who are dearest to them and who will stay with them in memory, forever.

Speaking from my heart, I inwardly carry, a well, of shed and unshed tears, for the damage done to a very personal relationship of mine. I have put my trust very often into others hands to care for this very important person.

If only I hadn’t acted from my deep frustration, from my anger and made decisions in times of high stress! I know now that by tuning into the very, very deep knowledge that we hold, we can make much wiser decisions about who should best care for those who most need it. Being unwell myself when some of the major decisions were made could be used as a part excuse—- I however know a little more about myself now.

Mindfulness allows me to touch in with where my gut responses live, where my heart is telling me that something is  very wrong and indeed often there is a felt sense that there is something amiss. Oh so easy to look in retrospect at what might have been, if only I had been listening to my intuition when I allowed someone to influence and turn my dear one against a lifetime of love and support. When I allowed someone else to define “independance”.

Take time to stop, let go of other peoples’ voices and sit with your own self trust. You are wiser than you will ever know !

Mindfulness and the allowing to turn towards what our bodies are holding onto is step one again! So whether you are letting go, accepting or trusting. Turning inwards and trusting your own deep senses, will serve you better than being driven to finding quick solutions.

We so often ignore our inner hunches—————- step back, stop and breathe.