The Art of Going Slow –2

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A year ago I wrote my original blog with the same title and said that this theme would be continued…….So what has changed in the world in which we live. What are we all craving for or striving to get. How much have we taken note of our own inner voices that continue to keep us moving forward, no matter what.

I know that you are all aware of how much we are conditioned by the external world. The voices of others ” should” “could” “must” are the words of others that we have adopted as how we must lead our life. The opinions around us at home, work, in the media can hold really powerful expectations for us. Here we are being dictated to by the world we live in. Our huge need to conform takes us by the nose and leads to decisions that we are not comfortable with. Even when we get little niggling feelings, irritating inner thoughts and critical gremlins, we may ignore them and remain living incongruently. That is we know that the truth for us is different than for those we are connected with. We however feel less than confident about speaking or acting on our own personal values and beliefs.

Are you just going along with the crowd? Will we watch and compare the slow process of Brexit to the fast impulsive rate of the new Trump Administration. Can you tune in to what your gut is telling you about the speed?

Can you find your own inner congruence and then choose how best to be with uncertainty. How will going slow benefit you?


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