The Art of Going Slow

 Cat napping on the go

Cat napping on the go

“The Art of Going Slow” has now become such an urgent consideration as we see the ever increasing range of children and young adults with mental health problems, behavioural issues and the inability to cope with all that is being forced upon them. I used to think that it was mainly we older people who could not keep up with this ridiculously fast information sharing, small screen learning, competative world.

I watch young parents rushing in and out of their cars; bags, jackets,children tumbling out looking bedraggled and tetchy. Rushing to school, to after-school clubs, community activities, sports clubs, adventure centres, parties and finally home. The physical activity and energy expended in one solitary day is immense ! Why are they doing this to themselves the adults? Is it not enough to run a household, hold down jobs, commute and bring up a family? The modern day family seems not to know how to live a sustainable life.

We talk endlessly about the sustainability of the planet, of energy sources and food development. All this is vital to the future of mankind. However whatever happened to the sustainability of humans?

Mums often come to see me as a Wellbeing Coach because they are weary, demotivated and desparate for some  purpose and meaning in their lives. Tired of the continuous life-style of doing, competing, stimulating their children and dealing with the inevitable exhausted child who has been over stimulated. Or indeed living with children who have become addicted to their own adrenaline buzz. I love seeing happy, healthy children enjoying a sport or two.  Childhood may seem short but so much of what we do with children, may not be remembered. Life and learning hopefully will continue for a very long time— so what is this rushing all about?

This endless focus on what is outside in the environment leads to this continual seeking for happiness, achievement AND ULTIMATELY SUCCESS— out there!  I accept that we always want to offer our children as many skills and interests as we possibly can. We fill them full of every possible opportunity. Often we give them all that they ask for, through our own ” need” to be seen as the good parent.

I know, I did it too.

Each individual child has their own unique needs. The very basic are food, shelter, education and healthcare. Then the love and care of supportive parents or guardians. The loving hug, the listening ear, the discipline of learning right from wrong and knowing that happiness need not be found in the complexities of this western world.mindful teens

We are in serious need of revisiting the way of life of our ancestors or of other cultures who hold quiet reflective time, as sacrocanct. There is nothing more wonderful than seeing a family walking together or choosing to have as many healthy living options as possible.

Inviting you all to model to those younger and still impressionable, that life requires time for silence, for settling and sitting with our own thoughts. That over-tired minds create less than healthy people and we the caretakers of their futures have a duty of care………………………. to be continued.

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