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Mindfulness in East Lothian

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  “Wherever you go, there you are” ― Jon Kabat-Zinn If I know one thing then I am sure that I can only be here in this very moment. Nothing else is available to me for certain. I may feel as if this experience is the same as one in the past. I will know […]

Discovery through Mindfulness

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  In life’s journey we have moments when we change jobs, locations or partners but we, as individuals, take all that we are, with us. Our path is marked with points where we have decided to change our course or take a risk.These are often due to external factors around us prompting us to take […]

The Art of Going Slow –2

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A year ago I wrote my original blog with the same title and said that this theme would be continued…….So what has changed in the world in which we live. What are we all craving for or striving to get. How much have we taken note of our own inner voices that continue to keep […]

Mindful Little Christmas

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“Mindful Little Christmas” came to me last year in the form of a Christmas Blog written by Harriet McGuigan  in ” My Mind”—– with her advice on how to practice mindfulness to combat the stress of Christmas.  As Andy Williams sings, ‘It’s the most wonderful time of the year with the kids jingle belling and […]

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Autobiography in Five Chapters


Autobiography in Five Chapters by Portia Nelson Many years ago a client of mine gave me a copy of this poem which I have been sharing with coaching clients, retreat clients and now my mindfulness participants. You may have already heard this but it is of such rich significance in our daily lives that I […]

Letting Go through Trusting

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In my previous blog I spoke of much that is personal to my self but also shared by very many others. Trusting, like every other thing  should begin at home. Why do we automatically look outside and examine the people and the services in a purely practical, functional way. Are we remiss in settling for […]

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