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Autobiography in Five Chapters


Autobiography in Five Chapters by Portia Nelson Many years ago a client of mine gave me a copy of this poem which I have been sharing with coaching clients, retreat clients and now my mindfulness participants. You may have already heard this but it is of such rich significance in our daily lives that I […]

Letting Go through Trusting

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In my previous blog I spoke of much that is personal to my self but also shared by very many others. Trusting, like every other thing  should begin at home. Why do we automatically look outside and examine the people and the services in a purely practical, functional way. Are we remiss in settling for […]

Letting Go

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Letting go of control and relaxing into the flow of our lives is a theme that I bring into my Mindfulness practice and introduce as a teacher and as a coach, to my clients. Sometimes, our situation is the way it is whether we like it or not.  Often Carers are there to offer support […]

The Art of Going Slow

“The Art of Going Slow” has now become such an urgent consideration as we see the ever increasing range of children and young adults with mental health problems, behavioural issues and the inability to cope with all that is being forced upon them. I used to think that it was mainly we older people who […]

self care

Self Care

If you think taking care of yourself is selfish, change your mind. If you don’t, you’re simply ducking your responsibilities. – Ann Richards I read recently that around 80% of care in the UK is self care. The majority of people feel comfortable managing everyday minor ailments like coughs and colds themselves; particularly when they […]

Giving and Receiving

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Frenzied shopping at the end of the year, large financial concerns as you see the credit card levels increase or quite simply a checklist, like every other list of things to do.  The theme of “giving” while offering someone a gift can be joyous and heart-warming, or in many cases it becomes a duty or […]

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