Living in flux

Constant change through life

It’s funny that we live from the time we are born till the moment we die and beyond, in an ongoing state of change. Every cell, every part of us and everything around us is continually in a state of flux and we just unconsciously accept that. We are surrounded by changes and live in a time of rapid change . . . yet wow do we resist any kind of change the moment it is forced upon us.  Adapting takes effort.

Change makes us feel scared and nervous, change feels threatening. I remember feeling overwhelmed at leaving ” little school” and moving on to “big school” and all the small changes that occured in that process. I was so overwhelmed with fear, I made myself ill.  If you sense inside that you are fighting or resisting change, how does it feel? For me, it felt as if I had closed down.I felt small and out of control with no real way of feeling better.

Of course with maturity and reasoning, if you can accept the truth about change being the only thing we can depend on then we accept the reality of everything in this body, environment and universe as  transitioning and changing moment by moment. The the old saying that ” things will seem different tomorrow” is indeed true. Nothing and no one stays the same.

The seasons change, the climate alters, things decay and die. We grow and develop, we age, organisations and the people in them are in a state of always facing changes; mergers,restructuring and job loss.