Client Feedback

Dorothy Larios

Dorothy Larios

Personal and Executive Coach

Dorothy is a great advocate of the MBSR course. Her passion for it is inspirational. Of course I wanted the answers, the book, private sessions immediately but Dorothy patiently and persistently cut through my impatience, resistance and obstacles to get me to attend the whole course and despite being exhausted in the evenings and being phobic about driving in the dark, I dutifully attended each session. I was so glad that I did as the interaction with group members and appreciating their own struggles became integral to the course.

Jane BMy Recent Experience of MBSR Course

I would like to give a Testimonial for Dorothy Larios who supplied me with Coaching Sessions over 6 sessions.
I cannot begin to describe how I felt when I first met up with Dorothy, I am a professional and lead a team of over 150 people and yet due to a break in a relationship felt broken, lost and unable to cope.

I have many friends who were a shoulder to cry on and yet I still could not move forward until I started my coaching with Dorothy.
I was never told what I should do, the sessions were about exploring my feelings and how I reacted, some reflective work was given to me and through this and the sessions I finally stopped being a victim of the situation and looked at how I can take control of my feelings and responses, my basic nature has obviously not changed but I am now aware that I need to sometimes just stop and take a breath.

Coaching is a great way to work and I am working on changing the culture in the workplace so that instead of telling people what to do I am now more likely to say “what are the options to resolve this” . I am so grateful.

F .Laurie
F .Laurie General Manager

I worked with Dorothy whilst having a great deal of transition both within work and personally, she was a fantastic coach to work with. Dorothy supported me and challenged me to think outside of the box and to believe in myself. I would definitely and already have recommended Dorothy as a coach.

Hayley DorringtonCare Consultant