Life’s Journey

We walk through the mystery of life, stepping into the unknow, with curiosity as a child. Tasting fear, apprehension and determination throughout the years of learning, growing and changing from child into adolescent. Adulthood asks us to take responsibility to enter into loving relationships, respectful interactions and find our path through difficulty, joy, adventures and challenges. Then we morph into a smaller version of ourself as we age, diminish and die.

Walking along with you …….. coaching and supporting your choices

Coaching, is for all experiences in your life…transitions, changes or just exploring possibilities.  How do you know what will suit you? 

Dorothy is an experienced Coach who realises for many, that cost and use of time are considerations. One free 20 minutes consultation online or a 30 minutes face to face ,complimentary session, can help you establish  what is most suitable for you.

She has 20 years experience in coaching around challenges in general life, for executives, leaders or  issues in the workplace. Health and Wellbeing are at the core of all Dorothy’s work and building fulfilling, healthy relationships.  Mindful Lifestyle Coaching has grown from Dorothy’s own life practice and teaching experience.

You will find: affordable coaching, easily accessible and tailored for you, plus

  • a private space for contemplation and personal time to think
  • a growing confidence to do more than they would by yourself
  • an easier way to deal with blind spots and difficulties
  •  tools, support and structure to enable you to be kinder to yourself more

Personal and Executive Packages

 – Wellness Coaching – Mental Health challenges exist for a large part of today’s society and Dorothy knows that moving through real, life-challenges requires sometimes, a little help. Tackling your own recovery with the help of medical professionals and an experienced coach offers tips and techniques to healing and balance. Feeling overwhelmed, weary and anxious are part of many illnesses. Losing a loved one, suffering from chronic conditions plus dealing with family and work can just become toomuch.

 – Executive Development Coaching – Designed to serve both the individual and the organisational needs, executive coaching facilitates positive change and builds confidence.  Coaching supports you to take healthy risks, encourages you to delegate appropriately and effectively and helps you to focus better, in order to produce results more quickly. This provides you with tools, support and structure to help you to accomplish more whilst considering the impact of another person’s perspective on your own skills and abilities. Helps you to detect and deal with the tricky situations, avoid conflict and its effects whilst understanding others. 

You have many options in conducting sessions:

  • meeting face to face is our initial preference
  • one free meeting to co-design the coaching intentions
  • telephone or skype sessions starting at £ 50.00 per hour
  • in your place of work or a mutually agreed venue