Discovery through Mindfulness

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In life’s journey we have moments when we change jobs, locations or partners but we, as individuals, take all that we are, with us.

Our path is marked with points where we have decided to change our course or take a risk.These are often due to external factors around us prompting us to take responsibility for ourselves and often for our families too. Fear of failure may be a major obstacle and we all need to process logically how feasible this change is. However, I know that from practising Mindfulness for many years that the deep seated messages that I hold inside me often serve me well and are more dependable than just pure thinking. That intrinsic knowledge that is embedded in ever cell of our bodies is the best resource that we have.

Come along and taste how taking time to be with yourself, getting to notice how you think and where your fear is hiding by being gentle. Mindfulness gives you so many subtle ways of finding out how wise you really are!

Community Mindfulness Taster Haddington Session

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