Arranging the Retreat

Beaches, Hillfoots,Villages or Farmland

Private Retreat

come alone or with a friend

  • Co design with Dorothy the type of retreat that you most need
  • Combine the elements of coaching, treatments, reflective activities or walking in nature
  • Discuss your budget and choose your private accommodation in local historical venues

Your Group Retreat

come with a group or just a few colleagues

  • Dorothy discusses your accommodation, location and group requirements
  • Discuss the intention and individual needs
  • Co-design the balance of activity and down time, group or individual coaching, mindfulness practice or reflective activities

Mindfulness Day Retreats

arrange for yourself or for you company

Graduates from Mindfulness Courses enjoy the opportunity to refesh their practice and deepen the understanding of mindfulness teachings. Real time away from your usual routine opens space and time to reconnect with self and likeminded friends.

I am interested in planning a retreat with you. Frequently asked questions.

How can I begin the process?

I am inviting you to spend some time way from your normal routine, so most of the practicalities are down to you. If you have an idea of when would suit you, we can then begin to discuss and plan together. I offer the service of getting you aware of what is available ; I supply one to one coaching and guide you to any simple activities or treatments that my other colleagues might offer you. The idea is to give you time away but to give you more than just a holiday or a visit to a spa.

Can I bring a friend or colleague?

As you will be choosing where to stay in the area of Edinburgh and East Lothian, you are free to have a companion with you. They are free to fit in a round your retreat package or if they too would like to arrange some support through retreat coaching they can also invest in their own package.

How long does a retreat need to last?

Stepping away from your usual timetable often seems like a challenge in itself, so make it worthwhile. A long weekend with at least two nights away would be a good start for someone who is not used to taking time for themselves. Those who decide to invest in themselves can combine coaching and exploring East Lothian and take a week!

Do I need to use Air B and B recommendations?

Feel free to arrange your own accommodation to suit yourself. The venues listed here have been visited by Dorothy and the venue host is happy for you to have as much quiet time as you need. Dorothy visits you in your space.

Can I choose other activities when I arrive?

Initially we will arrange a general outline of times for you to meet up with Dorothy, have some gentle coaching sessions and get you orientated. Flexibility is built into your stay and we really do arrange things to suit your energy and inclinations.

Can I attend a group retreat rather than one to one?

Yes indeed if you prefer being with others  a group retreat still allows you to have coaching privately and join in group activities of choice.

A group retreat may mean sharing a small house with others or if you prefer booking your own room in the same town.

If I arrange a group retreat for my colleagues is there a set programme?

Corporate Retreats again will be arranged around the needs of the team but are not adventure holidays or leadership jollies. Executive clients requiring an experienced Coach to assist in  looking at Personal and Professional challenges are welcome to develop their own retreat along the Health and Wellbeing continuum.