Reaching a certain stage or age where you begin to notice that there are already many models, theories or skills, that are so embedded in you————- life is easy. Some may say it is “conscious competance” others may call you arrogant, but that inner knowing is only really present with us NOW.

” Learning to earning” is a mantra that many young people live by.  We progress from school to apprenticeships, college or university learning. We meet and greet, connect and disconnect and move through life with great drive to achieve, learn and be successful. Much is absorbed into our inner being, stored and retreived when most needed.

I love the question ” So when do you know you are successful?”

Is it when you have the car, the house and the possibility to travel the globe? Do you stop long enough to notice?

Let go for a moment in time and stop the striving, planning and goal setting.

“Learn your theories well, but put them aside when you touch the miracle of a living person”.

Begin to get in touch with who you already are. You are that miracle of life and you are already here, in this moment. Stopping to be here with yourself is the only way to really see what you already know.