Mindful Moments

Mindfulness seems to have so many contradictions. I personally love the questions that arise in mindfulness classes and I so understand the confusion of the students. We are all students, all learning….

Where indeed are we being invited to look?  Does it teach us to open our eyes or close our eyes?

Should we look inwards or outwards?

Does holding awareness in the present  moment allow us to acknowledge things from the past?  This moment is in fact the only real moment that we have and the next moment will be different in some way.

Young boy giving full attention to cat

A moment in time

For example let’s spend this moment looking at this beautiful painting. Directing our full attention, purposely to this wonderful image, without any judgement on its content, but with fresh eyes seeing the detail for the first time. Stopping and staying here sensing the soft grass, feeling the gentle breeze and the warmth of the summer sky. The caring child is absorbed using all his senses to give love and curiosity to the tiniest of animals. The longer we stay looking the more we are experiencing. Here we are experiencing something from the past in this moment in time,where nothing else is needed for us to feel complete.

In reality, the kitten would jump off wanting to play, the little boy running after him and the sun would gently sink in the sky and the scene would be lost for ever.

Mindfulness allows us to step out of the rushed, automatic lifestyle in which we live to open our eyes and to see so much more in the world around us. This act of choosing to stop and allowing our senses to engage, gives us insights and value. The slow realisation that each day we allow worries, ruminations, distractions and  constant activity to fill our moments, the less real living we are doing.

Sitting in the present moment has not been our contemporary human way. Memories and stories of our past and anxieties and aspirations for the future, ensnare us. Practise looking out, with eyes wide open, right now  and then closing your eyes and looking inside, in the next present moment.

The need for mindfulness is growing and the yearning for a few moments of exquisite living is within our grasp! Looking out is surely coming in.

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