Mindfulness in East Lothian

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“Wherever you go, there you are”
― Jon Kabat-Zinn

If I know one thing then I am sure that I can only be here in this very moment. Nothing else is available to me for certain. I may feel as if this experience is the same as one in the past. I will know that I have visited this place before and that my memories connect me only with this new moment. Memories connect us with the past and dreaming and planning with the future. Giving my attention to this present moment is really all that is guaranteed.

I was born and brought up just a stones throw from where I now live. I left almost 40 years  ago and now I hold the fragile balance of past and present in my very being. Each day as I venture out through the vast expanses of this wonderful county, I see, hear and taste the freshness of being present right now. Little memory bubbles may float to the surface as friends and family recount tales or mention names and the rich tapestry of times gone by is being gentle sewn.

However, much more importantly, I am enjoying each day and each challenge, each new possibility as I step from one moment to the next. Mindfulness, maturity and a sense of truely being rooted, allows me the openess and curiousity that I perhaps lacked many years ago. “Mindfulenss in East Lothian” is  a new Facebook page where I would love to share with old friends , mindfulness colleagues and all those who are open to new moments together —– some caring , sharing and compassion.

Please join me and re-connect……………

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