Mindfulness in Schools

Teaching teachers

Trained-To-Teach-dot-B-Foundations The Mindfulness in Schools Project has worked endlessly to bring Mindfulness to school children through their teachers developing their own practices and training to teach the wonderful  .b programmes. For further information contact Dorothy

Working with children

Dorothy is now working along with several colleagues to introduce into Schools in Edinburgh and the Lothians, which is part of the general movement of creating a more compassionate and mindfulness nation.

 Mindful Nation UK” — a Report by the Mindfulness All-Party Parliamentary Group (MAPPG) published in October 2015 has been a momentous point in time, for all those associated with Mindfulness and it’s growth in modern Western Societies.

  As a long term Mindfulness practitioner I full support one of the most exciting initiatives that has come from the UK Parliament in recent times. Addressing the Health and the Wellbeing of our Nation is no easy task but to influence, inform and produce a report that has been partially championed by real life experiences of Members of Parliament, is unique.