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The Mindfulness for Parent and Carers Course

Carers Support Course Information Sheet

New Courses in 2018  

 Meanwhile join us on a taster session

  1.  We begin with the taster ( see above) one hour that gives a brief insight into Mindfulness the latest scientific evidence for its effectiveness. Participants will go home with ideas of how to introduce mindfulness into their everyday life.
  2. Four sessions of two hours practising some gentle movement, sitting with breath and finding a special time just to be present.
  3. The final retreat session  is for three hours offering a further opportunity to find some quiet space.The retreat session may be rearranged for a weekend slot to accommodate as many people as possible from the class.

Perhaps your reality is that you care for a loved one or are coping with a child with learning difficulties. Join Dorothy Larios a long-time parent and carer  has created a Mindfulness Course especially for those who know they need to learn how to self –care without feeling guilty. Carers and parents offer so much to others, now consider being kinder to yourself.


Funding available if you are a registered carer with East Lothian Carers Support. £100.00 including manual, CD’s and one to one support. Book Here

“I found Dorothy’s Mindfulness for Carers’ course both stimulating and relaxing.  She seems to have an intuitive way of knowing the challenges carers live with.  I am learning better techniques about being in the here and now. I am continuing to practice the exercises as well as doing some more reading about Mindfulness.” Carer from Chichester