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Anger-To be part of really living in this moment, the first piece is to tune into your body. Noticing where the emotions present themselves as so often we are slow to recognise and acknowledge what we are feeling. Can we actually name the feeling that is present? So many of us can’t find the tone or right word to express our feelings.  Try going into the thoughts that are coming up, is another way into seeking a way of identifying the feeling. What stories are we caught up in? For instance, I walked into my favourite coffee shop and saw at once that someone else had taken my favourite seat in the sunny window.

” What is going on? How come she is sitting there I always sit there at this time of morning. Ok maybe she will leave soon!”

As I stood at the counter getting my drink, I realised that I was pissed off and really unhappy. Yes it was childish but I was not going to be too logical. As I saw that the lady had not moved, I realised how irritated and angry I was becoming. My chest was feeling tight, my jaw was clenched and kept looking around at her, hoping that I could get there into that sunny place. Logic could so easily have gone completely, but luckily I noticed that there was another  seat in an alcove where sunlight was hitting and in that moment, I felt a warm, satisfying rush of pleasure and relief.

Often we get so caught up in our own story – with inner voices feeding our emotions that we go down the negative path before we really get in touch with how that is amplifiying our feelings and ultimately our actions.

Checking in with yourself is the basic step of mindfulness practise where we attend to our body as a way of identiying our experiences in each moment. Perhaps it is not reasonable to expect to be in touch in every moment of every day. Wjudgmente get caught up in so many things that noticing ” at the precise time” is something we really need to practise and practise. However, if we are aware of our suffering or mood changes we have the opportunity to let go of judgment and blame. We give ourselves the chance to move away from feeding our emotional fire by listening to our own thoughts, tuning into our physical body and naming the mood and underlying deeper emotions. Anger, pain, the need to blame are all places to acknowledge but also a place to stop the reactions and the possibility of causing suffering to another person. We can taste the flavour of our moods and suffering and that which we may create for others.

Be quiet and notice—————- we judge and critisise so easily, ourselves as much as others.

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