What people said about the MBSR Course

“Dorothy has such a lovely calming manner. The sessions were informative and I benefited most from learning how to take time out and live more in the moment!  ” The handouts and CD recordings were so useful with a voice that reassured me that  there was no need to strive”

Details withheld

“I attended each session and looked forward to attending the next. I am  dealing better with my anxiety and frustrations of life. It has given me confidence to know how I feel and that it matters.”


“I would highly recommend this Mindfulness Course which has helped me cope with my emotional and health problems.”


“In between sessions I would take advantage of choosing to take 10 minutes to practise and not feel guilty. I knew it made sense”

Details withheld

I enjoyed the course immensely.   Dorothy is an experienced mindfulness tutor and, as she also has experience of being a carer, brought empathy to her teaching style.

My favourite poem is Two Wolves – I think this so cleverly describes our busy mind and what we need to focus our thoughts on – the positive.

One exercise I enjoy is mindful eating.    Now that I have meals on my own, it is all too easy to eat quickly with distractions (reading a book).    Being fully present and savouring each meal is of enormous benefit to my digestive system especially.

Carole from Mindfulness for Carers (Six Week Course)

Dorothy is a great advocate of the MBSR course. Her passion for it is inspirational. Of course I wanted the answers, the book, private sessions immediately but Dorothy patiently and persistently cut through my impatience, resistance and obstacles to get me to attend the whole course and despite being exhausted in the evenings and being phobic about driving in the dark, I dutifully attended each session. I was so glad that I did as the interaction with group members and appreciating their own struggles became integral to the course.

Jane BMy Recent Experience of MBSR Course

What did you learn from  the Mindfulness for Carers Course?

  • I learnt to be calmer in myself and to still my thoughts and to cope better when under stress.
  • So much …..how to learn to be calm and not – strive. Mindfulness has re-educated myself.
  • I learned to try & ignore distraction & to relax. I arrived with a headache & it went during the session  – unthinkable normally.  Reading a wonderful book taught me a lot about mindfulness.
  • How much I have got to learn about always making a place for kindliness and gentleness and patience, and that I have the rest of my life to keep improving.
  • To try & do less ‘doing’. Reminded me of things I knew but wasn’t putting into place.  Also that you can be mindful for just a short time in any situation for it to help.
  • To think more slowly & to pause more..
  • To stop. To take a pause and concentrate on myself.  To look inside myself and how I was feeling, by thinking about my body and how I reacted to what was happening at that moment in time.  To also think about outside of myself as well.  How I interconnect but with a reassurance that I would have control.
  • To implement the practices I have learnt.  Life is good whatever happens.  Positive Thinking.

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