Self Care

If you think taking care of yourself is selfish, change your mind. If you don’t, you’re simply ducking your responsibilities. – Ann Richards

self careI read recently that around 80% of care in the UK is self care. The majority of people feel comfortable managing everyday minor ailments like coughs and colds themselves; particularly when they feel confident in recognising the symptoms and have successfully treated these conditions before, continue to use an over-the-counter or home cure. We all have days of feeling tired/run down, with headaches, joint pain and the signs of an ageing body. Again we take responsibility for these, by ourselves by visiting the pharmacy or popping a pill.

However the term “self-care” potentially covers so many areas of our lives; nutrition, exercising, earning a living, feeding our families and these can become nothing but a list of things to do.

Giving ourselves permission to acknowledge that at times this in itself can become completely overwhelming. I think we actually need to refer to sustaining our lives, not just self care which seems to be about reacting when things are not perfect. Meaning we only change our habits when we are up against ill health, physical or mental.

Are you  content with this life of rushing, planning, worrying, fitting it all into what ever time we think we have?self care

Could it be we really need to nurture ourselves on many levels?  We nourish our physical bodies with what suits our palates and our purses. We nourish our minds through learning and experiencing lifes up and downs. We crave emotional food in our relationships by seeking love, kindness and compassion but what feeds our souls? What makes our hearts sing?

We live in the world of automatic pilot.That is why we have evolved into this machine like being. Believing that we need to keep up by multi-tasking, doing everything that is expected of us and forgetting to give ourselves permission to stop.

Join me on another type of journey—- that of pressing the pause button.




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