Silent Retreats

Much has been written about silence and many questions asked on the subject.

Is there such an experience which is in  “Silence”………….. Where is the silence? Around you or within you?

Is there such a thing as silence? Where is the noise? Who controls the silence and how do we cut out distractions? Do we hear internal noises?

The effect  of noise pollution has been extensively studied. It has been found that noise harms task performance at work and school. It can also be the cause of decreased motivation and an increase in error making.  Living as we do with noise from so many sources we are affected  in many ways each day…  attention span is shortened, memory and problem solving deminish and we crave the space to be a peace.

Studies have also concluded that children exposed to households or classrooms near airplane flight paths, railways or highways have lower reading scores and are slower in their development of cognitive and language skills.

But it is not all bad news. It is possible for the brain to restore and recover some of its cognitive abilities. In silence the brain is able to let down its sensory guard and restore some of what has been ‘lost’ through excess noise.

Remembering however we are also the cause of much inner noice and chatter.

“There is no silence in nature for the sound of life is all around us.”

If I invite you to to be with me and you do not need to speak. I can help you create a whole new experience where you have time and space for just being. You can listen and hear all that is around you. There is noticing of all that we take in through our ears, eyes and the sensations of touch and smell. In the moments when you choose not to speak, all your senses come alive. Nothing else really changes …… your thinking continues and breathing is sustained, your humaness is present and you give yourself a wonderful opportunity to notice how much your inner voice is chattering and is a self imposed distraction. Give yourself permission to sit for a short time each day.. a few minutes an hour or a day.

September 2019

First Wednesday evening of each month, join me for an evening of Silent retreat when I will lead a small mindfulness group for those who are in need of quiet reflection. This wonderful opportunity allows you to step away from your evening chores from the comfort of your own home. Join me on Zoom for our golden hour 7.30 pm- 8.30pm.

Enrol for 3 sessions @ £45.00 and experience the December session as a gift from me.

Do contact me by phone for a chat 01620 823510 or fill out this contact sheet