Sustainability of our human assets.

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futureWriting two years ago about the urgent need for appreciation of the human being in the workplace, I wonder how much is changing? I quoted then the  survey by Towers Watson  that suggested that one in three employees faces excessive pressure at work due to long hours and pressure brought on by the economic downturn.According to the research, 26% of British workers said that they have not been taking as much holiday or personal time off over the past three years, while one in five felt that cuts to the workforce had left them with an unreasonable amount of work. In addition to this, 30% of respondents believed that their organisation was under-resourced.

I questioned then the sad fact that fewer and fewer employers were prioritising funding for the real wellbeing of their staff. The Employment packages offering counselling and a few complimentary therapies have seemingly lost their popularity as budgets have also been cut. We ideally would be supporting our employees to take real skills home with them to allow long lasting sustainable health  and wellbeing. We need to talk about a lot more than physical wellbeing. Mental and emotional wellbeing are addressed yes. However the sustainability is not always established. Ongoing eroding of energy and confidence in the workplace is taking its toil.

How do we sustain ourselves?

Crying out to be heard employees are often unheard, as they struggle with depression and anxiety and continue to make it into work. GPs are often supportive but can suggest little more than the above or medications.

We coaches know the real cost to human spirits; the unacceptable levels of pressure handed down by young, success hungry managers who have no respect for the real people behind the job titles. Systems where there is no one really listening!


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