Weary Travellers come Join Us

Let’s make our weariness a temporary state and share inspiration as we move forward towards a brighter, lighter future.

Who are we? How do we know if we are a weary traveller?
I guess the answer is, if you feel you are weary then you may choose to join the group!

The Aim of this Blog
Shared wisdom serves us all

Shared wisdom serves us all

Weary Travellers may need to share their story, or feel supported or appreciated and I am sure we all need to feel inspired and re-motivated. Let’s share through this Twitter Page, encourage and inspire with compassion and care.

  • It is not about globe trotting necessarily but it could be that you feel tired of the pressures of your job, pulling you away from family and friends
  • You may be completely physically worn out from recovering from ill health, chronic conditions or the unrelenting pace of your life
  • The fun and enjoyment has gone out of your life and you feel as if it is an effort to get out of the rut

We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars
Oscar Wilde

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